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Instant Life insurance products include: Life Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance, Dread Disease Cover, Work Disability Cover, Funeral Insurance as well as Cancer Insurance, Medical Gap Insurance and a Family Funeral Plan.

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Online Life Insurance Quotes

Welcome to Instant Life Insurance, your premier destination for online life insurance quotes and life insurance information. Instant Life puts peace of mind at your fingertips. Sign up for life cover online and save up to 50% or more on your premiums - with Cash Back Bonuses of 20% if you don't claim for 10 years.

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Why choose Instant Life Insurance

Traditional life insurance plans tend to be complex, admin-heavy and paper intensive. Instant Life's innovative low-admin approach, combined with their use of web technologies, enables them to increase efficiencies and cut the cost of life cover by 50% or more. And, underwritten by insurance experts GuardRisk, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a brand you can trust.

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A simple web-based sign-up process puts peace of mind at your fingertips instantly. Simply submit your details via a quick-and-easy click-through form and submit to receive a free life insurance quote and activate your life insurance cover online within minutes!

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