Family Funeral Plan | Instant Life

Worried about your family's financial situation if you or one of your loved ones were to die unexpectedly? A Family Funeral Plan from Instant Life provides funeral cover for the entire family, covering your spouse, parents, parents in law, and up to 5 children. Get an affordable online family funeral cover quote now.

Why get family funeral insurance?

An Instant Life Family Funeral Policy means one less thing to worry about in the event that someone in your family passes away:

• The policy pays out a lump sum in cash if you or one of the family members covered under the policy passes away.

• The cover benefit pays out within 24 hours once you've submitted all the relevant documentation and your claim has been validated, which means that you can pay for funeral costs without it causing an additional financial burden on you or your family.

Why choose Instant Life's Family Funeral Plan?

Instant Life's family funeral insurance policies give you online access to the following benefits:

• Peace of mind at affordable premiums

• Quick online sign-up process – no complicated paperwork

• Online model passes costs savings onto you and your family

• Funeral cover for you and your spouse for up to R25,000 – entry age between 20 and 65 years

• Cover for your parents and your parents in law for up t R25,000, with entry age being between 20 and 74 years

• Funeral cover for your children up to the age of 20 for up to R10,000

• Your monthly payments don't increase over time. Additional benefits include:

• 24/7 policy management and claims submissions online at

• Get a funeral cover Quote in under 1 minute and sign up in less than 5 minutes

• Change your banking and contact details online - less time and effort required.

• View your policy statements, communications and details online.

• Update your beneficiaries online.

Simply click here now to get your family covered online.