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Instant Life insurance products include: Life Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance, Dread Disease Cover, Work Disability Cover, Funeral Insurance as well as Cancer Insurance, Medical Gap Insurance and a Family Funeral Plan.

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Knowledge is power. Save up to 50% on your monthly life insurance premiums with Instant Life Insurance, SA's market leading online insurance pioneers. This life insurance information centre was created to help you make an informed decision about online life insurance.

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  • Online life insurance - What is it and what can it do for you?
  • Life insurance terminology - Familiarise yourself with the industry lingo.
  • The different types of life cover - Know what type of cover you require.
  • Instant Life's life insurance plans - Explore the Instant Life Insurance suite.
  • Life insurance Products - An overview of SA's life insurance products.
  • Direct life insurance - Find out why more South Africans choose to go direct.
  • Life insurance news - Stay abreast of the latest life insurance industry news.
  • Requesting life insurance quotes online - How to get the best deal online.
  • South Arican life insurance companies - Who are the key industry players?
  • Frequently asked life insurance questions - Get answers to your questions.

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