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Three Reasons To Get Medical Gap Cover in 2012

Rapidly rising monthly medical aid contributions, benefit decreases and increasing gaps in medical cover are leaving medical scheme members exposed to significant financial risk in 2012. Published by In-House Writer on 23 January.

Medical Gap Cover | Instant Life

Looking for medical gap cover? Instant Life Gap Cover provides cover of up to R2 million per year for specialist medical fees and in-hospital procedures not covered by your existing medical aid or hospital plan. Get a free quote now.

Why get Medical Gap Cover?

Given the steadily rising cost of living, many families are looking at reducing the risk of unexpected expenses. Medical aid premiums rise annually, along with everything else, and in recent times medical schemes have even been forced to review the levels of cover they offer. In many cases, even comprehensive medical aid plans can't prevent payment shortfalls from occurring.

In light of this, unexpected medical emergencies or accidents can ruin your budget. If you are unable to work as a result of an accident or serious illness, the last thing you want is more unexpected expenses.The difference between the rate your medical aid is willing to pay and what specialists legitimately charge could be substantial.

Instant Life Gap Cover benefits

If insufficient medical aid is giving you sleepless nights, Instant Life Insurance has the answer. An Instant Life Gap Cover policy is your key to peace of mind, with up R200,000 in cover per member per year for medical payment shortfalls. For less than R5 per day, your family can enjoy up to R2 million in medical shortfall cover per year. As an added bonus, their cap cover policies also features a R25,000 permanent disability benefit for the primary member if you are disabled in an accident.

A 5% excess is applicable to claims paid out for persons over the age of 60 year.

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