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Instant Life offers you direct access to a range of online life cover products designed to take the paperwork and hassle out of life insurance. The types of life cover products they administrate are listed below:

Life cover - Life insurance covers your loved ones in the event that you were to die. Life insurance policies can be tailored in terms of the type and level of cover provided. Instant Life's life cover product pays out cash upon your death, ensuring that your family are financially equipped to cope.

Critical illness cover - Critical illness cover, also sometimes referred to as dread disease cover, not just for your own benefit; it also provides financial protection for your loved ones if you are no longer able to earn an income as a result of a dread disease or critical illness.

Work disability cover -Instant Life's Work Disability Insurance Cover provides financial support if you are no longer able to earn an income as as result of an injury or serious illness. The Instant Life work disabiity product pay cash, helping you and your family cope financially until you are back on your feet.

Accidental death cover - Accidents can happen when you least expect them. A fatal fall, crash or car accident could leave your family financially vulnerable and unable to cope without a breadwinner. Instant Life's accidental death cover ensures that your loved ones aren't left without an income if you were to die accidentally.

Funeral cover - Will your family be saddled with funeral costs if you were to die unexpectedly? Instant Life's funeral cover product pays cash towards your funeral costs, providing the assurance that your family will be financially equipped to deal with your funeral costs.

Why choose Instant Life?

By cutting out brokers, call centres, middlemen and inefficient policy administration, Instant Life can save you up to 50% on your life cover premiums. Instant Life offers a simple yet comprehensive range of life cover solutions to suit your unique life cover needs.

Their life cover policies include critical illness cover, cancer cover, accidental death cover, funeral cover as well as work disability plans. Find out more about all the available Instant Life Insurance Plans.

About Instant Life

Underwritten by GuardRisk and reinsured by Hannover Life Re Africa, you can rest assured that you're dealing with a reputable life insurance administrator. To get a free instant life cover quote or activate your cover online, simply click here now.